The Best Way to Express Yourself and Your Business

T-shirt printing has become the new marketing strategy where you can showcase, express and convey messages in a creative manner.

T-shirt printing is a process that needs caution as you want to make sure the desired design come out as expected.  With this process, it is important to have knowledge on the practical elements of printing so as to ensure you get what you desire most.

Screen Printing Method

With this method, a screen made of thin woven fabric is stretched on a wooden or an aluminum frame. A stencil is formed by enclosing some of the screen areas and using non-permeable bits and pieces. A stencil is an off-put image that is worked on meaning the available spaces are where the ink is supposed to show up.

Direct to Garment printing method

This method prints the image directly on the t-shirt by using a customized conventional inkjet printer. Unlike the screen printing method that uses a stencil to apply the ink, the ink is directly printed on the intended t-shirt.  The direct to garment printing offers more elasticity in regards to turning around time as well as a color variant.

The heat transfer printing method

The heat transfer printing consists of ink been transferred using a carrier paper to the t-shirt.  Application of heat on the carrier paper facilitates the transfer of the ink onto the t-shirt. The most common way used is to use an iron on the transporter paper for a period until the ink invisible on the t-shirt.

The most important elements in the T-shirt printing industry are:

•    Presentation o the design

•    Appearance of the layout

•    Arrangement of your images

Appearance is an important way to impress your clients such that they will keep coming back for more. When making deliveries, make sure your appearance is extraordinary such as offering custom wrapping and an excellent packaging. It is necessary to take heed of the power your wrapping might have. Your clients can easily spread the word about your appearance and packaging once they are happy and satisfied thus enhancing your business growth.

T-shirt printing gives you a full range of options before settling for the final word. The color to be used, the text to be written and the image to be used are some of the decisions you have to make. Professionals can help you in making such critical decisions as the intended logo and color are vital elements. Whether you are looking for t- shirts for a group or a unique style for a few close people, then the professionals won’t hesitate to lend a hand.

Picking the most suitable, t-shirts colors, design, and fits can be difficult for an individual. T-shirt printing makes it a less hassle as professional designers will assist you in making decisions and appreciate the end product you desire. Using the above –mentioned tips, the t-shirt printing approach makes it easier for to sow creativity as well as reach a broad audience.